Play Legit Slots Online – Are Online Slots Legit?

Play Legit Slots Online – Are Online Slots Legit?

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September 22, 2023
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There have been many debates about whether casinos offer legit slots, or whether the machines are rigged and untrustworthy. It’s also understandable why players might question the legitimacy of these games.

Our answer to the question comes in two parts: It’s either the machine was rigged because you decided on playing at a blacklisted casino knowingly or unknowing. Or, the casino is in fact trustworthy, and you might have just played on a high variance slot machine. We explain more below.

500x321 Legit Slots

Online Slot Machines

The legit slots debate can get tricky when we consider that you are more likely to lose more than you win when playing slots. This means that although you bet small amounts each time, you stand to lose more overtime putting the casino in a better position. That’s just a fact. But, some players let the constant losing get to their heads and might feel defeated and frustrated. This is understandable, but you should know and accept this before clicking play.

Low/High Variance Legit Slots

We’ve briefly mentioned high variance slot machines above, but what are they? Variance in this case tells you how likely or frequently you stand to win while playing on that particular slot machine. High variance legit slots refer to those that don’t bring frequent wins, but when you do hit, it pays big. Low variance legit slots means the opposite – machines that hit often but have very little returns.

The downside to the volatility discussion is that it’s very difficult to actually find that information at an online casino site. Slot machine volatility is programmed into the software long before the slot machine was activated and casinos are in no way obligated to disclose the volatility information of their slot machines. This means that there is no real way of determining which slot machine has high volatility.

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