How to Play Super 7 in Blackjack

super 7 blackjack

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September 2, 2023
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Super 7 is a blackjack side bet which is optional to all players. The bet is played using the first three cards that you are dealt. Then you win this bet if your first card is a 7, and the payout will increase if your next two cards are also sevens. If you were intrigued about improving your odds using this blackjack side bet, then this is the page for you. We take a look at the payout house edge of the bet. If you are wondering if this super seven bet is worth it, keep reading.

super 7 blackjack

Play The Super Seven Bet

Blackjack side bets usually cost players $1 to play. This is over and above the minimum table stake. The aim of the bet is to pay out each time your hand includes a 7 in it.

So, if your first card is a 7, you will receive a payout of 3 to 1. Should the following card also be a seven, you will receive a payout of 50 to 1. Also, this payout is if both sevens are not suited. If both sevens are suited, then it will payout 100 to 1.

Should your first three cards all be 7s, then the odds sit at 5000 to 1. In all honesty, what are the odds of that? To make things easier, here is a table with the payout of each possible combination.

Suited 777
5000 to 1
777 –
500 to 1
Suited 77
100 to 1
50 to 1
3 to 1


House Edge of the Super 7 Bet

The house edge of the side bet depends on the number of decks you use. With a three-card guarantee for each player, here are the various house edges that you can come across.

8 decks – 9.01%
6 decks – 11.40%
5 decks – 13.25%
4 decks – 15.92%

Final Thought

Is this side bet really worth it? Well, that will depend on the type of player that you are. If the high house edge does not scare you off playing the bet, then it can be worth it. However, if you are a cautious player, making this bet will not be worth it.

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