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songs about gambling

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October 10, 2023
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Popular to the contrary believe there are hundreds of songs about gambling. Some players enjoy soothing songs when gambling, while others enjoy the sounds of rock and roll or ambient casino noise to get them in their gambling mood.

Some of the songs about gambling have absolutely nothing to do with the games but rather the activity as a whole. Then are the songs about the best gambling destinations, cards, dice games and more. We have tried to create the perfect gambling playlist that rivals all playlists. We got our experts together to share their favourite songs that have had a hand in them perfecting the gambling style, gameplay and winning big.

Listen, not only to the songs but bear in mind that these jams have no hand in you winning big, but they can motivate you to play better.

songs about gambling

Ultimate Songs About Gambling

With the many various music genres, it can only mean that you have a wide variety of songs to choose from. Some of the songs are from the 1970s, and others are quite recent. We have categorized the songs by casino game, so they are easier to find.

Poker Inspired Songs

If you are an avid online poker player, you will be happy to know that the most popularly sung about the game is poker. Whether you will hear these songs at land-based casinos is a completely different question. However, that doesn’t mean you can stream the songs while at home. Here are the top gambling songs about poker

Poker Face – Lady Gaga
The Gambler – Kenny Rogers
That was a Crazy Game of Poker – O.A.R
Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House – Garth Brooks
Go Down Gamblin’ – Blood Sweat and Tears
Townes van Zandt – Mr. Mudd And Mr. Gold
The Jack – AC/DC
The shape of My Heart – Sting
Rambling, Gambling Willie – Bob Dylan
The Winner Takes It All – ABBA

Songs About Gambling at Slots

Slots are an easy casino game to play and enjoy. With very minimal strategy going into online slot games, you have the chance to blast your favourite songs about gambling at the highest volume. Of course, you still need to concentrate on the game, but you don’t have to worry about difficult strategies.

Easy Money – Billy Joel
Life Is a Gamble – Big K.R.I.T
Walking Away a Winner – Kathy Mattea
Last Dollar Away – Tim McGraw
Mudd And Mr. Gold – Townes Van Zandt

Lottery and Dice Games

The quickest game that you can play and possibly make easy money must be the lottery. While all you have to do is play your favourite numbers and hope they get drawn. How you choose your numbers is completely up to you. A few artists have taken advantage and sing about their hopes of winning the lottery and spending the money on vacations, and more.

Lottery – Train
The Lottery Song – Harry Nilsson
Tumbling Dice – The Rolling Stones
Roller – April Wine
Every Time I Roll the Dice – Delbert Mcclinton
Roll The Dice – Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Reno – Doug Supernaw
Bad Leroy Brows – Jim Croce
Gamblers Blues – B.B King
When It Rains It Pours – Luke Combs
gambling songs

Card Game Inspired Songs

Whether it’s blackjack, baccarat or even the fun card games such as war, there is a song about it. In most cases, it’s songs about the various cards found in a deck of cards or an actual game. Nonetheless, these could be a great place to get inspiration to play and win

Still The Same – Bob Seger
Ace Of Spades – Motörhead
House Of Cards – Radiohead
Queen Of Hearts – Juice Newtown
All I Wanna Do Is Play Cards – Corb Lund
The Card Cheat – The Clash
A Good Run of Bad Luck – Clink Black
Little Queen of Spades – Robert Johnson
Deal – Grateful Dead
Deck Of Cards – Tex Bitter

Gambling Songs

Below we have together a collection of songs about gambling. These aren’t about a particular game but more about the act of gambling and places where you would gamble.

Gambler – Madonna
Kentucky Gambler – Merle Haggard
Solitaire – Carpenters
The Dealer – Stevie Nicks
Luck Be A Lady – Frank Sinatra
Waking Up In Vegas – Katy Perry
Desperado – The Eagles
Deuces Are Wild – Aerosmith
Losing Hand – Ray Charles
Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley

Final Song

And there you have it, 45 top gambling songs about every aspect of gambling. From card games, slots, lottery, poker, dice games and gambling in general. While there aren’t any songs yet on saving money when gambling, we sure hope some talented artist is thinking about it.

And who knows, maybe the song will feature in popular gambling movies or shows. Apart from that, give the songs a listen, and you may find your new favourite song from our list of gambling list. Be sure to listen to it the next time you are the best casinos online.

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